The South Niagara Chambers of Commerce is proud to be launching a podcast called South Niagara Conversations.

Co-hosted by Scott Lunn of 105-1 The River, the podcast will be focused on issues that Niagara is talking about, and would be talking about around the water cooler if we weren’t in lockdown.

Want to subscribe? Click on the platform below or watch it on Youtube.

Season Two

Episode One – Employee Engagement and Retention

Season One

Episode One – COVID-19 Vaccine

Episode Two – COVID-19 American Experience vs Canadian Experience

Episode Three – Niagara Housing Market

Episode Four – Mental Health Awareness

Episode Five – Working From Home

Episode Six – Niagara’s Restaurant Industry 

Episode Seven – Credible News and Why Fake News is Real

Episode Eight – Balancing Public Health and Economic Survival

Episode Nine – Modern Day Democracy

Episode Ten – Perspectives from Frontline Healthcare Workers

Episode Eleven – South Niagara Super Stars

Episode Twelve – Affordable Housing in Niagara

Episode Thirteen – Impact of Covid-19 on Niagara Tourism

Episode Fourteen – The Student Experience During Covid-19

Episode Fifteen – Insights from the Frontline for Business

Episode Sixteen – Insight into Niagara’s Construction and Manufacturing Sectors

Episode Seventeen – Managing a Municipality During COVID-19

Episode Eighteen – Niagara’s Sports Teams Look to the Future

Episode Nineteen – Covid-19 Update from Niagara’s Health Experts

Episode Twenty – Niagara’s Labour Market

In the News

South Niagara chamber podcast gets the conversation going (March 23, 2021)