What you need to know.

  1. Any business that is in any of the South Niagara Chambers of Commerce areas that employs 150 people or less can access this program.

  2. Please visit the following link to order your tests.

  3. Once your order is received and packaged, you will be notified by your local Chamber of Commerce.  Please do not visit our offices until your time for pickup has been scheduled and you have received your confirmation email.

  4. Each company should assign a Screening Supervisor Designate, who will be the contact person.

  5. If you have multiple businesses, please fill out one form per business.

What you need to know before you arrive.

  1. All visitors must complete and PASS a COVID-19 assessment before entering the premises.

  2. Check-in at registration and provide the completed PASP (Provincial Antigen Screening Program) form. Click here to download the agreement form. Please bring a printed copy of the completed form when you pick up your kits.

  3. You will be required to watch a 5-minute training video during your initial pick-up.

  4. Capacity limited to 1 visitor at any one time.

  5. Masks and physical distancing are mandatory while in the building.

Book a time to pick up your tests

We will be taking appointments for test pick-ups once a week at our Fort Erie, Niagara Falls, and Welland offices. We will also have a weekly appointment day at Stolk Construction in Port Colborne. A representative from our office will be in touch to arrange a pickup time at your designated location.

 Prior to your arrival, you must watch this video

Here is an additional training video specific to your kit.

To book your appointment please fill out the online form.

We will respond with a confirmation email and more information. Thank you.

Upon your arrival

  • Sign the PASP Agreement

  • Wear a mask when entering the building

  • Maintain social distancing

Reporting Your Results

In order to participate in the program, all participants must agree to report ALL data regarding the results of the Screening Kits EACH WEEK.

Your Screening Supervisor Designate will be responsible for reporting all results.

Results can only be submitted through the online portal.

Results are shared with Health Canada and the Ministry of Health Ontario.


Anyone who receives a positive test result through the Workplace Self-Screening Kit will need to make arrangements with their local Public Health Unit to receive a PCR test as soon as possible. They must also work with Public Health to determine when it is safe for them to return to work.

The Workplace Self-Screening Kits program operates once a week at our designated locations. A team member will contact you to arrange a time and date for pick up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Businesses with 150+ Employees

For businesses with over 150 employees, please order directly from the Ontario government portal.