1. To actively promote opportunities for members to meet, represent their business and exchange ideas and opportunities.
  2. To promote Welland and Pelham, in order to ensure that the amenities and benefits of residing and conducting business in our communities are advocated to the greatest extent possible.
  3. To recognize outstanding achievements in business, trade and commerce in Welland and Pelham.
  4. To ensure the business community is aware of the benefits and privileges of Chamber membership and to investigate
  5. and implement all opportunities which ensure the continued growth of Chamber membership.
  6. To promote the advantages of conducting business in Welland and Pelham.
  7. To lobby government in a non-confrontational, independent manner at the local level, in order to further facilitate business, trade and commerce to grow and prosper.
  8. Facilitate and promote opportunities for business, trade and commerce to access all levels of education and training for professional development.